Never Compare Yourself With Others

Simple Guidance For You In Never Compare Yourself.

never compare yourself with other

Never Compare yourself with others once upon a time, there is a jungle where a happy craw live because he has no wish, so he satisfied with his life.

But the first time he saw a dove in the jungle then he compare with him, He realized the dove is very beautiful. And the craw never sees any beautiful bird-like dove. Dove is very clean and white, so he thought that the happiest bird in this jungle is dove.

Never compare Yourself

Then he ask dove about his happiness then the dove said I m not happy and beautiful, cause I have only one color on my body but I compare with parrot he has two colors, One on his neck and one on his other body so parrot is most beautiful and happy bird in this jungle, after this discussion craw decide to go and ask to parrot about his beauty and happiness,

Then the craw and dove both are going to meet parrot. They meet the parrot and ask about his happiness and beauty but the parrot was not happy, he said I have only two Colors but when I compare with peacock, he has many colors, so he is the happiest bird on this jungle.

Then all of them go to meet with peacock. When they meet to peacock, then peacock says I am not the happiest bird of this jungle, because due to have many colors in my body, hunter always try to kill me, I always wary and tens to hunter.

After this craw ask peacock according to you who is the happiest bird in this jungle?

After taking a long breath peacock said it’s you. Craw asked another question why?

Then peacock said because you never had many Colors no one wants you to capture. No one wants you to kill; you have the freedom to go anywhere to do anything.

Then craw relies he said true.

Moral of the story: – never compare yourself with others.

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